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Receiving equal opportunities is vital for the growth and advancement, of women-of-color, especially Black women. HER ZONE, INC. will prepare the next generation of leaders by providing her with, basic-but necessary-tools and support to begin their success-journey in the following areas:

  • Advocacy

  • Branding 

  • Career Mobility

  • Civic Awareness

  • Communications

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Education Resources

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health & Wellness

  • Social Responsibility

  • Technology

  If you are interested in volunteering or facilitating a workshop please contact us  


HER ZONE, INC.’s menthership initiative "CHALLENGE ZONE" I WILL..-to- "COMFORT ZONE"I AM. is designed to help young women combat the challenges of self-discovery, self-worth and value to confidently and comfortably evolve  as individuals and leaders.

  •  EMPOWHER:  Nurtured and well-grounded young woman that is able to make sound and ethical decisions; set achievable and realistic goals by focusing on my individual-strengths.

  •   DISCOVHER:  In-understanding of my unique traits and attributes, emotional-intelligence, and social-forces that effect my decisions. I possess the ability to reinforce my self-esteem and design my growth patterns.


  •  LOVHER:  Confident and capable of identifying my self-worth, and value as a young woman. I am in charge of the healthy-perception and image I need others to recognize me as.

  •  BELIEVHER:  Successful. I can develop, align and vocalize my creative perspectives as I travel on my life-journey. I will effectively utilize my real–world and transferable-skills to shape my personal and professional value-system.


  •  OWNHER: Standing firm in my power as a responsible, productive, confident and upstanding citizen. I will fearlessly execute my leadership abilities to inspire to the generation of young women to choose, HER.


HER ZONE INC. will engage young women in our unique and specific cycle and hands-on approach, with techniques used in the media and television to develop her leadHERship skills to become the Directors of their life and story. 

              CONTENT CREATOR            
            -Education Resources


-Social Responsibility
         -Career Development         



-Civic Awareness
      -Diversity & Inclusion

-Media Training
         -Social Development


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