Sports. Wellness. And. Girls.



Coach Melanie Chin will lead HER ZONE, INC.'s Sports initiative with her  wealth of knowledge, leadership-skills and undeniable talent to empower young women through teamwork and sportswomanship. Coach Melanie is a past Double Dutch, World's-championship jumper with the teams,"First Time Around" and "Back In Action" from Hartford, Connecticut and is a national Double Dutch judge and coach with the American Double Dutch League. 



Kimberly will  lead HER  ZONE'INC's, fitness initiatives to help shape the core of young women. She received her ( ISSA) International Sports Sciences Association in 2019 and enjoys assisting young women to meet their wellness and fitness-needs.  HER ZONE is blessed to have this genuine spirit and talent. Kimberly also serves as the Communications Director/ PR for HER ZONE.  Learn more about Kimberly here.